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Pottermore: MoonVine162

dancing on the edge

i see what you did there…

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She’s so excited she’s kamehameha-ing.

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The Walking Dead Meme: [15/20] Characters

Abraham Ford

I think people do most things for love. I’ve climbed walls and into windows, broken down locked doors. Stupid stuff. Places that I wasn’t invited. Even a serenade. Not as eloquently as John Cusack in Say Anything, but yeah, in an ironic way. In a way that I know it would be appreciated. I’ve never killed.

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i’m so upset with dash i can’t even

like what are you doing bro


Alfred and Bruce + 1.01


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I promise you, however dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light.

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my mom was literally just at the sink before i was

how did she not see the spider

maybe she put it there

i bet she put it there

i hate my life

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i told myself i didn’t need look at the flowers lizzie by dollish polish

and now it’s currently sold out

and i want to hurt someone